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Mums and Families Hall Green
Hall Green


What MAF does  
 MAF is an initiative to develop good community relations by enabling people to
'learn about each other, from each other'© 
... and have fun while they're doing it! 



Hall Green Mums and Families (MAF) is run by a group of mums whose children are, or were, at Hall Green Schools and who live locally.  They really believe that although we all come from diverse cultures and backgrounds this doesn't mean we can't get together for fun activities at which we can learn more about each other's cultural and religious backgrounds and about what we all have in common. 

Community Cohesion
MAF is an organisation that aims to develop good links between the diverse cultural, religious and racial groups that make up the local Hall Green Community.  The emphasis isn't on using people from outside to come and tell us about these things, but to get local people to take part in activities where they can exchange ideas and information between themselves. By coming along to these activities mums and carers can gain an understanding of, and a respect for those whose cultures and religions are different from their own, and that understanding is far stronger and more 'real' than anything they can get from any social media, website or TV programme.  What's more, they can pass this knowledge on to their families, especially their children who will undoubtedly be able to gain from being able to respect and relate to people from other cultures, races and religions as they go on to schools, colleges, universities and careers.
To see details of MAF's forthcoming activities click here: News or go to our updated events calendar click here: Events Calendar

To see details of MAF's past activities click here:
Past Activities

For details of why we decided to set up MAF, click here: About Us

A Message to Parents and Carers
You might sometimes ask yourselves what you really want for your children.  Success and happiness are probably high up on the list.  In today's multicultural Britain - and no more so than in Birmingham- part of growing up and succeeding undoubtedly involves the abilty to understand people from different backgrounds.  Having the knowledge and confidence to respect those from different races, religions and cultures from our own is a vital life skill.

Who should come along

Anyone who is responsible for caring for a child in the Hall Green area. 
We hold two types of events:

Our 'Mothers' events are particularly designed for mothers and other female carers (carers, aunties, grannies) of children of primary school age.

Our 'Families' events are for all the family, and are centred on activities that the whole family can enjoy.

The reason why we encourage women only to attend some of our events is that we are mindful of the religious and cultural conventions that mean some women may feel uncomfortable attending events where men to whom they are not related are present.

Hall Green MAF has an equal opportunities policy and operates all of its activities in full compliance with its duties under the Equality Act 2010.

For more details email hallgreenmaf@gmail.com

'learning about each other, from each other!' © 2010 Mums and Families

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